Museum Shop

There are several new shopping experiences at WMODA to benefit the museum’s educational programs. Our revamped shop has a beautiful selection of gifts, including jewelry, tea china, glass art, and books.

Local Artists

Ceramic Art

Alyssa Ligmont works in North Lauderdale making wheel-thrown functional and sculptural ceramics. She uses multiple glazes to produce brightly colored surfaces on her high-fired stoneware body. Her hand-made collection of brie bakers and omelet makers are food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Alyssa enjoys knowing that her functional art can be treasured and enjoyed through everyday use.

Art & Design

Lloyd Goradesky uses the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings. His latest project is a kinetic weathervane entitled Let Love Guide Your Way which has inspired many smaller scale sculptures and gift accessories.

Laurence Gartel is considered the ‘Father of Digital Art’ having taught Andy Warhol. More recently he was the official artist of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, and the Monaco International Film Festival. He has been inspired to create limited edition prints of the ceramic art at WMODA.


Erin Bassett is an award-winning textile artist who designs, sculpts and creates wearable silk accessories which are fascinating, elegant and original.

Marielle Plaisir is a designer of sensual silk scarves with matching leather bags, wallets and key chains for her Les Barbares brand.


Glass Art

Lisa Davis creates colorful yet functional glass art combining her curiosity with geometric shapes of glass with the puzzle-like quality of construction. In glass she has found the positive uplifting energy that comes from creating any type of art.

Scherry Donato uses the colors and textures available in glass to create geometric, freeform and landscape designs. The thrill of seeing a completed piece of glass art after it has been fired in a kiln inspires her to create and experiment more with the limitless boundaries of glass.

Rey Lozano paints with acrylics in vibrant colors, and textured surfaces on a variety of media, including canvases, murals, furniture, and glass. His large glass vases are embellished with polymeric clay.

Anne Orvieto is obsessed with fused glass as an art form and was a star of our Touch of Glass exhibition. She is inspired by every sunrise and sunset as the light creates a myriad of ever-changing colors.

Elizabeth Prado fuses tiny droplets of glass to create sparkling textures in luminous bowl and plate forms. Her vividly colored designs make eye-catching centerpieces for table décor.

Chelsea Rousso is a teacher of fashion design who also works in kiln-formed fused glass. She shares her diverse talents at WMODA at her workshops and fashion shows with stunning models in her wearable glass.


Betsy Alexis makes one-of-a-kind necklaces from a vast assortment of materials that she has collected at antique stores including glass, clay, scrap metals, feathers and even electrical circuit boards!

Lori Brown works with precious metal clay and fused glass to create distinctive pendants and earrings for her Edgehill Designs label. Her recent WMODA Workshop was much enjoyed by aspiring artists.

Wendy Chercass is a beadaholic who weaves tiny beads from around the world into beautiful bracelets featuring portraits of famous personalities, such as Marilyn Monroe and Frida Kahlo.

Christine Rosasco believes that jewelry is a way of expressing and enhancing the natural beauty inside of each of us. Her designs with butterfly wings are about bringing new life and appreciating the exquisite beauty of these unique creatures.

Far & Wide

Ardmore ceramic artists create whimsical designs of African flora and fauna which have inspired luxury silk apparel by Hermès, wall coverings by Cole & Son, and fabric designs for tabletop and soft furnishings. At WMODA we have a range of Ardmore pillows in luxurious silk, velvet and cotton as well as table runners and napkins.

Balocoloc Artisans of Venice have been makers of authentic Venetian masks for over 40 years. Each mask is hand-made and decorated using the traditional processes of the Venetian mascherero.

Moorcroft Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent uses time-honored skills, including traditional tube-lining techniques, to create tactile vases with intricate patterns in jewel-like colors. The work of the modern Moorcroft studio designers is avidly collected in many parts of the world.

Italianissimo offers a unique ART TO WEAR collection of “very Italian” style, quality and craftsmanship. The modern Murano Glass jewelry is individually hand-made and includes glass pendants and earrings ranging in techniques from millefiori to battuto (hammered). Their linkable TUBINO collection features hypoallergenic tube necklaces and bracelets in a rainbow of fashion colors that link together with Murano glass beads for different looks and styles.

Murano Maestros blow glasses using the murine technique with silver leaf and filaments, which dates back to the 16th century. They are called goti in the Venetian dialect and were originally used as drinking glasses but also make gorgeous vases and floating candle holders.

Orchid Jewels - Designed by Nature, preserved forever. Unique jewelry made from real flowers.

Jerome Reine visualizes sculptural forms in pieces of wood from different types of trees and revitalizes them in a unique way.

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