Entertaining with Ardmore

Make life more entertaining this Holiday season with Ardmore’s stunning collection of table linens. The Ardmore Ceramic Art studio has made a huge impact on luxury lifestyle design since the 2010 launch of their Qalakabusha fabrics range, which means new beginnings.

Working with the Ardmore artists, Fée Halsted and her daughters have designed a fabulous collection of fabrics that reflect the vibrancy of Ardmore Ceramic Art as well as the abundance of Africa’s flora and fauna.

Square and rectangular tablecloths feature leopards watching sable and zebras dance and prance.  Monkeys swing from their tails amidst lilies and strelitzia, the bird of paradise flower. Two sizes of table runners feature the Bush Bandits silently waiting to pounce and napkins add interesting design accents with feathers and foliate patterns.

The Zambezi and Sabie collections of scatter cushions have also brought the creativity, wit, and naivety of the Ardmore artists into our home furnishings.  Mischievous monkeys cavort in the foliage while leopards sit regally amidst tropical flowers. The pillow covers are made in cotton, velvet and silk in a variety of vivid colors.

The WMODA shop also showcases several Batonga stools, carved in Ironwood with various animals and covered with Ardmore fabrics. Handmade in Zimbabwe by the Tonga people, the stool holds great significance in African culture as they were used by tribal elders and nobles as a portable seat. No two stools are the same.

Shop now for the Holidays at WMODA as designs of Ardmore table linens and cushions are limited.

For more details call 954.376.6690 Or e-mail info@wmoda.com

Proceeds from sales benefit WMODA, a 501c3 nonprofit museum.

Visit the A Safari for the Soul selling exhibition of Ardmore Ceramic Art at WMODA which opens on November 18.