Pangolin Pair

By Louise Irvine

Ardmore’s Pangolin Park fabric pattern has proved to be one of the most popular in the Thanda Design collection. The endangered pangolin has appeared on a limited-edition sofa, pillows, tablecloths, and fabric by the yard. Now, a pair of pangolins star on tea towels, which have recently arrived in the WMODA Ardmore Design Shop.

Fée Halsted, the founder and artistic director of Ardmore Ceramics, has long highlighted the pangolin's plight as a critically endangered species. Several of the studio’s iconic “traveler” sculptures featuring pangolins have been acquired for the WMODA collection. It is estimated that the Southern African Pangolin has existed for over 80 million years, but it is now the most trafficked mammal in the world. The curious creature is hunted for its flesh and scales, which are believed to have powerful medicinal properties in some Chinese and Vietnamese communities. However, keratin scales will only provide as much benefit as chewing fingernails, which are also made of keratin.

 Also known as scaly anteaters, pangolins play an essential ecological role in regulating insect populations by consuming ants and termites. When threatened, the pangolin rolls into a protective ball, which is how it got its name from the Malay word “pengguling” meaning rolling up.  The armor-like scales are too hard for most animal predators to penetrate, but humans can just pick up the vulnerable creatures. Ardmore’s Zulu rhinoceros rider carrying a curled-up pangolin draws attention to two vulnerable animals at risk for their keratin in rhino horns and pangolin scales.

The Pangolin Park fabric pattern was designed by the Ardmore Studio team and hand-painted by Sidney Nyabeze. You have to look closely to spot the shy pangolin peeping out from spiky aloes and wild gardenia in a fantasy forest frequented by a leopard, zebra and kudu. However, a pair of pangolins star in the Thanda pillows made of cotton, velvet, and silk and on the new tea towels.

All the Ardmore Design products can be ordered through WMODA and drop-shipped to your home. All sales benefit the museum which is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

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