Past Exhibitions

WMODA is closed while we pack up and move to our new location.
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Glamorous Glass

Glass becomes glamorous in the hands of Chelsea Rousso, local glass artist, teacher, and fashion designer. Chelsea makes corsets and bikini tops of kiln-formed wearable

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Jabula · The Joy of Living with Ardmore

By Louise Irvine Jabula means to be joyful in Zulu. It is also the name of Ardmore’s new wallpaper collection developed in collaboration with Cole &

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The Mad Tea Party

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There was published 150 years ago as a sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. These fantastical stories

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Fire & Soul Exhibition

Exhibition closes on December 31 The Fire & Soul exhibit at WMODA is guaranteed to keep you on your toes! Anna Pavlova’s dying white swan

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A Safari for the Soul

A Safari for the Soul is a journey of the imagination through the wild and wonderful world of Ardmore Ceramic Art. Imagine yourself riding one of Ardmore’s exotic

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Constellations Exhibit by Rob Stern

Visitors are star-struck with the new installation of Windstars by Rob Stern at WMODA. Rob is known particularly for his star sculptures, which are dedicated

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Art on Fire – The Chihuly Connection

By Louise Irvine Dale Chihuly is arguably the most famous glass artist in the world. His name draws vast crowds to site-specific glass installations across

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Paul J. Stankard – The Art of the Flame

In a career that has spanned more than 50 years, Paul Stankard has become the acknowledged master of flame-working. See the stunning Paul J. Stankard

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Fantastique celebrates the enchanted world of ceramic art. From myths and monsters to fairies and fables, you will be spellbound by the flights of fancy

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Carnival & Cabaret

It’s party time at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts as we celebrate the art of having fun at our entertaining exhibition Carnival & Cabaret. The flamboyant

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The Art of Tea

Elegant china enriches the tea-drinking experience as can be seen at the Art of Tea exhibition at WMODA. Discover how skilled potters have provided the

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