Glamorous Glass

Glass becomes glamorous in the hands of Chelsea Rousso, local glass artist, teacher, and fashion designer. Chelsea makes corsets and bikini tops of kiln-formed wearable glass which are designed to dazzle on social occasions from glittering galas to playful pool parties.

Wearable glass might seem like an innovative use for the medium but spun glass gowns were exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 by the Libbey Company of Ohio. Ladies could also purchase shimmering glass bonnets and men could wear souvenir neckties from the Chicago Exhibition.

Chelsea cuts patterns in glass, just like fabric, and weaves ribbons and strands of glass for her ensembles which are fired to fit the female form. Her “Glasskinis” are sold at WMODA and she accepts commissions in all sizes! She also customizes sparkling glass tiaras which have become fashionable accessories at weddings or quinceaneras and her mysterious glass masks add intrigue to masquerade balls.

 A Cinderella Moment

“You shall go to the ball!” said the fairy godmother as she created Cinderella’s glass slippers with a wave of her magic wand. Her glass shoes now have some serious competition thanks to Stern’s Stilettos. Rob was inspired by his wife’s extensive collection of Manola Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Alexander McQueen. We are blown away by Rob’s imagination and ingenuity with his play on words and punning titles even though no foot is dainty enough to fit into these shoes!

It's true what Cinderella says, “One shoe can change your life.” Her Fairy Godmother is a physical embodiment of faith, hopes and dreams and she transforms Cinderella’s tattered dress into a dazzling ball gown complete with enchanted glass slippers. She turns an ordinary pumpkin into a carriage to take Cinderella to the ball and bright red-orange squashes are now known as Cinderella pumpkins in her honor. Rob Stern and Josh Fradis make beautiful glass varieties for fall décor.

Wearable Art

Glass jewelry will accessorize any outfit whether formal or casual. Esther Gold makes beautiful necklaces and earrings inspired by Tiffany and Lalique’s Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry. She finds beautiful vintage glass jewels which she accessorizes with crystals and semi-precious stones to create treasured works of art.

Diane and Mauro Gennaretti founded Italianissimo to commission glass jewelry from Murano maestros. Each glass jewel is hand-made using age old techniques of glass blowing, flameworking with a torch, and a furnace to create gorgeous wearable art.

Several local glass artists also make exquisite fused glass cabochons which are mounted as pendants and pins. Mirella Popovici creates whimsical glass designs and Scherry Donato makes stylish cufflinks so that men can also wear glass art. See all their latest works of art in the WMODA Museum Shop.

 Hands On Experiences

Rob Stern Art Glass has recently opened a new glass blowing studio in Dania Beach where he will create his signature shoes and other fashion statements. He will also be holding glass blowing demonstrations in the city in November. Chelsea Rousso teaches kiln-formed glass workshops at WMODA where aspiring artists can create their own fused glass masterpieces. Sign up for one of Chelsea’s creative glass workshops on October 14.


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