Ardmore Family Visit

By Louise Irvine

The Ardmore family in South Africa has had a long association with WMODA, and we were delighted to welcome Jonathan and Megan, son and daughter of Fée Halsted, the founder and creative director of the ceramic art studio. Jon and Megan grew up with Ardmore and now play major roles in the business. The museum’s team of staff and volunteers were fascinated to hear Ardmore’s success story from the family’s perspective.

Jon and Megan were excited to preview the new Ardmore Design Shop and ceramic art exhibitions at WMODA. They also had the opportunity to meet Arthur Wiener, who has built the largest collection of Ardmore in the world and helped uplift this talented community in rural South Africa. Megan works closely with her mother, managing the Ardmore ceramics studio, while Jon is responsible for the development of the Ardmore design products, including textiles, wall coverings and table-top accessories.

During their visit, Megan modeled one of Ardmore’s new silk scarves from the new Protea Plains collection, which will be launched at an exhibition at Patrick Mavros in London from  May 21 to 31. The Ardmore design collection received international acclaim following their 2013 commissions from Hermès, the French silk specialists. Megan told us how thrilled they were when Dr. Jane Goodall, the famous chimpanzee expert, wore an Ardmore scarf to celebrate her 90th birthday. Louise Irvine and Ariana Wiener were happy to wear their cherished Hermès scarves for the meeting.

Jon and Megan were very impressed by the WMODA displays and excited by the potential of the new Ardmore Design Shop in the heart of the South Florida Design and Commerce Center. After their museum visit, Louise took Jon and Megan to see the Cole & Sons wallpaper collections at Kravet’s trade showroom, our neighbors on 29th Avenue. We were pleased to find that their restroom is papered with Ardmore’s Savuti pattern. During COVID, we discovered this pattern was also a favorite of the actor Daveed Diggs. Thank you to Michael Starr and Pam Hiller from Kravet’s for donating the Jabula Collection wallpaper book for display at WMODA.

Contact WMODA for details of all the Ardmore Design products which can be purchased through the Museum Shop.

Read more about the Jabula Wallpaper Collection by Cole & Sons.

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