Make your Hanukkah Extra Bright

By Louise Irvine

Make your Hanukkah extra bright this year with one of the beautiful glass menorahs made by the glass artists at WMODA. Chelsea Rousso and Anne Orvieto have made kiln-formed glass designs that will shine brightly during the Festival of Lights.

The word menorah means “to shine” and a seven-branched menorah lit with specially prepared pure olive oil is described in the Hebrew Bible. The lamp design was revealed to Moses by God on Mount Sinai while the Israelites were wandering in the desert. It was used in the ancient holy temple in Jerusalem and it is now a symbol of Judaism and an emblem of Israel.

The menorah is associated with the miracle of Hanukkah when the Temple was besieged during a military campaign by Greek-Syrian oppressors. One day’s flask of pure oil miraculously burned for eight days and the Jews were victorious. The miracle of the oil signified that Hanukkah was a victory of the spirit of the Jewish people and it is celebrated today as a very emotional and beautiful eight-day festival.

A Kosher nine-branched Hanukkiah is used for the Festival of Lights and the design has eight candleholders of the same height and a ninth branch (shammash) that is set higher than the rest. Chelsea and Anne’s glass menorahs are designed for celebrating Hanukkah which begins this year on November 28. Anne has presented her menorahs with a removable candle holder so that her glass art can be enjoyed all year round. Light up your Holidays from the selection at the WMODA shop today.