First Steps Through the Looking Glass

By Louise Irvine

What a fantastic day we had on Saturday, December 4 as we took our first steps Through the Looking Glass to celebrate the United Nations Year of Glass in 2022. An exciting collaboration between Miami glass artist, Rob Stern, and multidisciplinary artist, Dave Rosenthal, resulted in the first live performances of Resonance @ WMODA. This innovative production traces the cycle of life and evolution to expand perceptions of glass art. The immersive sensory experience celebrates the creative process resulting from the interaction between humanity, sand, and fire to create glass art as symbolized by Rob’s new glass sculpture The Procession.

The sounds of glassmaking were captured by Dave at Rob’s studio furnace to create an original musical score of synthesized sounds. Rob played a succession of unusual instruments made of glass and Dave responded in kind on his keyboard. The audiences at WMODA were captivated by Dave and Rob’s performances and were visibly moved by their creative collaboration. The next performances of Resonance @ WMODA will be on Saturday, January 22 to launch Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week.

The unveiling of The Mannequin Project was another highlight of the day. As guests chatted with the mannequin artists including Chelsea Rousso, Anne Orvieto, Scherry Donato, and Lloyd Goradesky, they were surprised to see one of the models come to life and move with the music! Alena posed as the Mad Hatter wearing one of Chelsea Rousso’s iconic glasskinis.

Chelsea is now planning an underwater photography session with Suzanne Barton, who specializes in capturing fabulous aquatic performances beneath the surface. Alice and the Mad Hatter will soon be dancing under the water in zany costumes featuring wearable glass. Chelsea is also collaborating with many of the WMODA glass artists to create wearable glass costumes and accessories for an amazing Through the Looking Glass fashion show on Saturday, January 22.

The new Alice in Wonderland exhibition featuring ceramics from the WMODA collection was officially opened by Michael Doulton, a descendant of the Royal Doulton founder. He channeled the Mad Hatter for the occasion and was a dead ringer for the Royal Doulton character jug! Our Wonderland exhibit will get even crazier in January for our Mad Hatter’s tea table which will be set with glass art made by artists working in our community.

Thank you to all the WMODA staff, artists, and volunteers for creating another fabulous event at WMODA. Join us on January 22 for an even more spectacular extravaganza. Don’t be late for this very important date!


Resonance @ WMODA

Mannequins Unveiled

Dancing Underwater – Suzanne Barton

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