Believe the Impossible

By Louise Irvine

Believe the impossible as we explore “Through the Looking Glass” at WMODA to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Glass. Our new season of cutting-edge exhibitions and events is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s surreal story where Alice experiences a topsy turvy world not unlike ours today!

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast...” said the White Queen as she challenges Alice’s imagination.  See how glass artists collaborate at WMODA to create the impossible and shatter our illusions of glass. It’s hard to believe that fire and sand can be transformed into glass and that blowing bubbles of glass can create amazing art.

On Saturday, January 22, at the launch of Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week, you will be blown away by live performances in the spectacular setting of Chihuly’s magical “garden” of glass. His flowers won’t answer back as in Alice’s looking glass garden but they are certainly otherworldly!

Experience six impossible things
“Beyond the Bubble” at WMODA…

1. Chihuly’s glassblowing team in Seattle has collaborated with The Rug Company’s weavers in Kathmandu to reimagine his glass ceilings as magic carpets displayed in the Hot Glass Gallery.

2. Dave Rosenthal and Rob Stern continue their performance series with an expanded second edition of "Resonance" combining Dave's synthesized sounds and music with Rob's glass instruments to create an innovative musical score which they will perform live at WMODA on January 22.

3. Chelsea Rousso’s wearable “glasskinis” and corsets will come to life as models strut their stuff in a fabulous fashion show inspired by the bizarre characters that Alice met in Wonderland.

4. Suzanne Barton is photographing dancers underwater wearing Chelsea Rousso’s glass creations as a sequel to her Alice Through the Looking Glass series of aquatic fine art.

5. Rob Stern’s glass Stilettos symbolize the empowerment of women, their many moods and ambitions. Shoes are with us every step of the way towards whatever we want to become.

6. Lloyd Goradesky has created magical heart-shaped mirrors to reflect love and kindness as part of his ambitious public art project to Let LOVE Guide Your Way in this chaotic world. Even the Queen of Hearts will be transformed into a kind and loving monarch!

It is 150 years since Lewis Carroll launched Through the Looking Glass after Alice’s earlier adventures down the rabbit hole. In Wonderland, our young heroine experiences issues with intercultural communication which she overcomes with her curiosity, courage, problem-solving abilities, and believing in the impossible. We can all relate to these challenges in the creative process.


First Steps Through the Looking Glass

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