Lloyd Goradesky – Let Love Guide Your Way

Let love guide your way to WMODA to see Lloyd Goradesky’s installation promoting love and kindness. The story of his Let Love Guide Your Way kinetic weathervane project has melted the hearts of our visitors.

Art from the Heart
One is at WMODA standing on a heart-shaped granite base and for Valentine’s Day it was surrounded by red roses. The original functioning weathervane, which stands 16 feet tall, was made for the International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium in Boynton Beach where art, nature, and technology collide to create art powered by the elements. Since its debut in 2018, Lloyd has expanded Let Love Guide Your Way into a community interactive art project to spread the message of universal love and to encourage kindness, compassion, and consideration for everyone. In Lloyd’s words, “A weathervane is a device used to measure wind direction.  A ‘weathervane’ is also a metaphoric expression to describe people who change their views frequently.  In a chaotic world, when faced with a dilemma, let love guide your way.

Garden of Love
So many people fell in love with Lloyd’s art and concept that he began designing smaller-scale sculptures, which can be enjoyed in different settings. His garden sculpture, which stands 4 feet tall, was exhibited at Art Fair on the Water in Fort Lauderdale. One is at WMODA standing on a heart-shaped granite base surrounded by red roses for February’s celebration of love.

Let Love Guide Your Way is bright red, the universal color of love, and is coated with a clear UV protectant that maintains the color and protects the surface from all the elements. Cupid’s arrow is perfectly balanced to spin in the wind as Lloyd merges engineering and science with art and design.

Follow your Heart
WMODA visitors have been enjoying the limited-edition museum sculpture, which is 18 inches tall with a 24-inch circumference spin. This size is still available in red or gold and has proved popular as a table centerpiece for indoor and outdoor settings. These striking conversation pieces turn in the breeze, powered by nature or a strategically placed fan. This size is the ideal gift for weddings and anniversaries.

The miniature sculpture, which is 12 inches tall, is the perfect desktop accessory. Busy executives can spin the arrow while contemplating decisions and hopefully following their heart. Lloyd’s affordable super-mini version, 8 inches tall, has proved to be a popular choice for young lovers at WMODA and is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Heart of Gold
Nothing is wasted in Lloyd’s environmentally friendly project. Frames, mirrors, and heart shapes have been created ingeniously from the offcuts and then hand-finished by Lloyd. The recycled shapes in red and gold are engraved with the project’s message of love and kindness or can be customized to order. Many hundreds of people have received Lloyd’s Love project button which is worn with the tip of Cupid’s arrow pointing to the heart. WMODA has benefitted greatly from Lloyd’s heartfelt generosity of spirit as he volunteers his time to help others enjoy the creative process using just a smartphone.

The Power of Art
Lloyd is a public artist, dedicated to using the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings. His work ranges from monumental multi-media designs to complex photographic creations. Lloyd’s artistic goal is to get the viewer to look 'through' the actual art piece and to interpret the meaningful message of the art. His work has been compared to Christo & Jean-Claude, most notably his Gator in the Bay, which received international publicity after featuring in Art Basel, Miami in 2016. This 33,000-pound alligator was the size of a football field floating in Biscayne Bay and the body of the gator displayed 3,000 photographs of the Everglades captured by Lloyd. As the Miami artist explains, “I want people to appreciate how beautiful it is here. I also want most of the work to be free to view, just like nature is.”

Share the Love
As well as helping to develop Lloyd’s project and spreading his message of universal love and kindness, purchases of his pieces at WMODA benefit the educational programs of the museum. You can also help share the love by joining Lloyd and WMODA for the Love Button Challenge to see how far his project message can travel around the world. Here are some photos from London.

Let love guide your way to WMODA to see Lloyd Goradesky’s artwork promoting love and kindness. The story of his Let Love Guide Your Way kinetic weathervane project has melted the hearts of our visitors. Now Lloyd’s monumental weathervane is outside City Hall in Dania Beach where is has quickly become a landmark in our community.

Our WORLD can use more LOVE! Share the love on Lloyd’s website https://letloveguideyourway.com/

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