Resonance @ WMODA

By Louise Irvine

One of my most rewarding experiences at WMODA has been introducing artists and initiating successful collaborations in the Fired Arts. To launch our Believe the Impossible season of exhibits and events on January 22, glass artist, Rob Stern, and multi-disciplinary artist, Dave Rosenthal, explored sound and glassmaking beyond the bubble.

Dave is a self-professed “Sound and LightWave chaser” and on his first visit to WMODA he was so inspired by the newly donated Lladró porcelain chandelier that he composed, and performed live, original music for the unveiling ceremony. Dave’s other discipline is immersive fine art photography which is also on display in the museum. Included are interdisciplinary works combining both his photography and music into unified art pieces. He composes specific music and tones to capture the essence of the image; to transform each person back to how it felt to be there, at that moment, capturing the photograph.

“Bringing your world to life… through the Power and Emotion of imagery and sound.” - Dave Rosenthal

Dave was introduced to Rob Stern and his work when he was taking photographs of Rob’s Constellation of iconic Windstars in the museum. Fascinated with glass art, Dave visited Rob’s Wynwood studio to explore and record the sounds of glassmaking.

Rob Stern trained with the modern masters of glass, including Dale Chihuly and Pino Signoretto, and he is now enjoying a stellar career as a glass artist in Miami. His latest installation of stiletto shoes at WMODA is attracting lots of media interest and he is now adding glass ties.

Glass and sound united in Rob and Dave’s improvisational dialogue at WMODA. Using unusual glass instruments made by Rob and keyboard responses designed by Dave, they performed a musical score of synthesized sounds to create an immersive sensory and visceral experience. The Procession glass sculpture is a visual representation of the sequences within the performance evoking the rise and fall of knowledge and technology.

Believe the Impossible · Resonance @ WMODA Event


By Rob Stern

A primordial ooze erupts from the earth's core, rising to the surface where fire meets rock and sand to form glass.

Crystallizing to refract light, it meets with water and air to generate life. From fractal order, a chain reaction builds the cellular matrix which eventually transforms into a human heartbeat. Communication begins with a primitive pounding drum.

Time, measured in words and sounds, records a history perpetuated and passed down through song. A story with a beginning, a climax of technical knowledge, and an inevitable conclusion that reverberates throughout the cosmos and everything inside it.

In the end, like all things, the glass erodes and transforms back to sand and the procession starts again.

The glass is a vehicle for light, sound, and the senses, the ultimate tool linking science and art whilst refracting human ingenuity and emotion. By engaging the viewer, provoking their perception, and immersing them into the experience, this performance will beg the question where do we fit into the big picture?