Star of Wonder – Rob Stern

 A new star is shining bright this Holiday season. Rob Stern has developed his iconic Windstar sculptures into a “Star of Light” named Aurora after the natural light display in the earth’s sky and the Greek goddess of the dawn. Aurora heralds a new dawn in Rob’s decorative glasswork.

The Windstar has been fitted with LED lights which can be set for many different colors and effects. Aurora is also brilliant in the natural light which illuminates millions of tiny bubbles in the glass. The new star light measures 26 by 22 inches and it fits in beautifully with our Constellations exhibit at WMODA.


Visitors are star-struck with the installation of Windstars by Rob Stern at WMODA.  Rob is known particularly for his star sculptures, which are dedicated to his father, a consummate stargazer fascinated by cosmic phenomena. The Windstars are constructed with 13 individual parts, which Rob blows with infinite color and cane patterning variations.

Coming down to earth, Rob also enjoys the minutiae of nature and studies leaves, seedpods, shells and coral formations for his brilliant glass sculptures. His ocean-themed glass was a major feature of our Mermaid Tale event at Halloween and will be reprised at WMODA during Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week which runs from January 16 to 24.

A selection of works from Rob’s 30-year career as a glassblower continues on display as part of the museum’s Art on Fire exhibit. Rob has a studio in Wynwood, Miami where he makes his signature works and site-specific installations. He first discovered glass at the age of 20 and says, "When I started working with glass, I began to look at the world in a different way." He has worked with the great masters of glass, including Chihuly, and he divides his time between his own work, teaching, residencies, and demonstrations at Pilchuck, Corning, and other famous glass institutions around the world.

Hear Rob talk about his aesthetic and inspiration from nature at our Halloween Mermaid Tale event.