Elemental Candles

By Louise Irvine

Artistic candles are the latest addition to the Fired Arts for sale in the WMODA Museum Shop. Nini and Luis Montanez, founders of Candle Nerds, have created dramatic interpretations of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in wax, inspired by the contemporary glass art and studio ceramics on display in the museum.

As the Logistics Manager of WMODA, Luis Montanez is exposed to the Fired Arts on a daily basis. Chihuly’s colorful glass art and the vivid glazes of the studio potters fire his imagination and inspire regular visits from his creative wife, Nini. They have fond memories of the museum’s Earth, Air, Fire, and Water exhibition featuring American studio glass artists. They also studied the Royal Doulton flambé prototypes of the Four Elements modeled by Timothy Potts.

Nini uses a technique from the 1940s for mixing melted wax and water to create fascinating candle shapes. Luis worked on fabricating special tools and molds to perfect their art, and they launched their Evolution series to immediate acclaim in magazines and juried art shows. As well as symbolizing  Earth, Air, Fire and Water, their new Elements candle designs at WMODA have fiery, evocative names such as Melt Down, Heat and Embers. Some customers never light their one-of-a-kind candles so that the original sculptural form can always be enjoyed. Customers who choose to burn their candles can watch them evolve gradually into a glowing new art form.

To the four elements of Western culture, the Greeks added a fifth: the Spirit. Luis and Nini’s Candle Nerds business is also infused with their spirit. They believe that working and playing together is the key to a fulfilling life, and they are partners in both business and love. They embarked on their imaginative journey with Candle Nerds to light up spaces and hearts. They believe that their Evolution candles are more than just wax and wick – they hold the power to evoke emotions, set a mood and kindle unforgettable experiences.

Contact the WMODA Museum Shop for more details of the new Elements designs from the Candle Nerds Evolutions series.

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