Deco Drive @ WMODA

By Louise Irvine

“Ceramics are cool but glass is even hotter at WMODA!” according to Alex Miranda, the WSVN Deco Drive reporter. He visited the museum on October 13 to film a feature for the popular Channel 7 TV show, which aired on October 22. Alex chatted with Louise Irvine in the Hot Glass gallery and then went on a tour of the museum with his cameraman.

He had lots of fun recreating scenes from his favorite movies using WMODA exhibits as props. At the Mermaid selfie tail on loan from the 1000 Mermaids Project he reimagined the hilarious Zoolander Merman scene “moisture is the essence of wetness…”.  He was so dazzled by Stern’s Stilettos that he reenacted Carrie Bradshaw’s urban shoe myth scene from Sex in the City with Rob Stern’s Bedazzled design.

Louise was pointing out the Merlin character jug that cast a spell on Arthur Wiener and launched his Royal Doulton collection at WMODA when Alex spotted the character jug of Louise. The tribute jug by the Peggy Davies studio was created in 1990 when Louise was working for Royal Doulton. See his reaction…

We are so excited to be featured on this daily entertainment news program which reports on trends and celebrities in South Florida.

It’s true what Cinderella says that “one shoe can change your life” and we have fifty of them at WMODA for our fashion and fired arts exhibitions. Thank you to Alex Miranda for introducing our “hidden gem”  to a whole new audience.

Thank you to our volunteers George Hawthorn and “Flipper” Julio Difilippo for the behind-the-scenes photographs and video clips.

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