Shop WMODA – Halloween Howl

We are all sick to death of this pandemic, but pranksters have been seeing the funny side of mask-wearing in Britain. Plague doctors have been roaming the streets of some cities and it is not Halloween yet! We are not suggesting you terrify your neighbors with our Venetian plague doctor masks, but they do make interesting décor for the haunting season. The WMODA shop stocks a wide range of authentic masks made by Balocoloc of Venice – and some pretty ones too! Come see our selection or call for details.

Venetian masks are not just for parties, they also make beautiful wall art, as can be seen in our Carnival & Cabaret exhibition. Our spectacular display is on loan from Balocoloc Artisans, who were founded in Venice in 1977. Giorgio continues his family tradition in Orlando, Florida making unique, customized papier-maché masks in the manner of the original Mascherano in Venice. Their historical designs are meticulously researched for accuracy and hand-crafted using traditional methods.

The Balocoloc collection is extensive with commedia dell’arte characters and baroque fantasies jostling for attention at Carnival and Mardi Gras. The jolly jesters are a great choice for home décor all year round while the devils are more suited to Halloween. The most macabre designs, the Day of the Dead skulls and the Plague Doctor masks, are highlighted for the season in the WMODA shop.

Traditionally Whitby in Yorkshire has been the place to spot the most ghoulish costumes during their Goth music festivals. Steampunks and Goths flock to this seaside town because the ruined Whitby Abbey is believed do be an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The Gothic revelers will not be gathering this Halloween due to COVID-19 but no doubt there will be a catwalk of sinister costumes online.

Why not celebrate Halloween virtually this year by sending us selfies of your favorite costumes and photos of your seasonal décor. We will publish the best on our website’s virtual party.