Dive into the WMODA Shop

Donatella Versace’s spring collection was described as a "utopian settlement on the seabed ruled by Medusa." Life has to be better under the sea than it is on land right now, so fashionistas are aspiring to be mermaids for the new season. Look out for dresses ruffled like jellyfish in the waves, cascading skirts like seashells, and starfish motifs to complete this marine fantasy.

Versace is by no means the first fashion designer to create crustacean couture. Schiaparelli designed a white silk dress with a lobster worn by Wallis Simpson days before she married Edward VIII in 1937. In the 1870s, British cartoonist Lionel Sambourne lampooned women’s marine fashion with a series of Designs from Nature, which featured in Punch magazine.

In the light of these novelties, Chelsea Rousso’s wearable glass outfits, inspired by mermaids and the sea, do not seem so unusual. Tatiana Cochagne, who makes stylish face masks for the museum shop, is working on a new ocean-themed collection, as well as some surprise fantasy fashions for our Halloween event.

The WMODA shop is in vogue with this maritime vision and our Florida artists are well placed to interpret the wonders of the deep in ceramics and glass. We have aquamarine glass waves and coral caverns by Josh Fradis, fused glass panels by Anne Orvieto, and monumental glass shells by Rob Stern.

Shells are incorporated into jewelry by Betsy Alexis, who specializes in creating wearable art from recycled materials. Shells in the tide-pools of the Florida coastline have inspired some spectacular glazed stoneware serving trays for chips and dips by ceramic artist, Alyssa Ligmont.

New to WMODA is Murano Maestro Dario Frare, who creates mollusks and crustaceans using the traditional Venetian flame-working technique. Lobsters never looked so good!

Dive into WMODA to experience an underwater wonderland of shopping for this holiday season.