Away with the Fairies!

By Louise Irvine

It’s been a crazy time at WMODA as we pack up thousands of fragile ceramics and glass artworks and start our move during the month of March. The Fantastique Gallery looks lonely now that all the fairies have flown away from the Niagara chandelier but we look forward to their return when we hang the Lladró porcelain masterpiece in our new Hollywood home.

It was just two years ago that we received this spectacular gift from Lladró and multi-disciplinary artist, Dave Rosenthal, composed magical music entitled The Falls of Fairy Glen for the unveiling ceremony. Every one of the porcelain fairies had to be removed individually from the strands of twinkling lights and carefully packed by the WMODA team. Then, experts from Medco Electric lowered the chandelier down from the ceiling and packed it ready for transport.

The Medco team also removed and crated the six crystal chandeliers which they had installed for the opening of WMODA in 2014. The Marie Therese style chandeliers were made in Bohemia, formerly the Czech Repuplic, during the 1930s and they once added glamour to the dining room of the Dania Beach Jai Alai Fronton. They continued to dazzle visitors in the WMODA galleries for eight years and will do so again when we move into our purpose-built museum in a few years time.

Richard Moreno and his team of specialty fine art handlers have been working at the museum for the last few weeks packing our amazing collection of glass by Chihuly and his contemporaries. Each stem in Chihuly’s giant Ikebana flower arrangements is boxed individually for transportation. Richard is also responsible for the complex monumental ceramics including Doulton’s colossal Maharaja vase. The vase stands over 6 feet tall and weighs around 300 pounds. It took five men to lift it onto its pallet!

Our Doulton terracotta lion dates from 1900 and was fired in two sections in the kilns of Lambeth. It also took five men just to lift his massive head. He now looks like he has a bandage around his neck while he waits patiently for his journey. He will be back on display again in the Victorian gallery at our Hollywood location.

Lladró prestige porcelain tableaux are particularly challenging to pack as there are so many fragile components and they also need to be expertly handled for the move. One of our most popular exhibits Cinderella’s Arrival is now ready for an imminent departure!

Gregg Whittecar, former co-owner of the Gallery of Amazing Things, is managing the project to expedite our relocation and organizing thousands of labeled boxes for a smooth transition to our new space. As you are reading this article, pallets laden with our WMODA treasures are leaving the museum by forklift and being transported to our next location in Hollywood by Carl Bongiavanni of Power Atlantic.

We are grateful to the Agile Agency and all the specialists and experts who are helping us move. Thank you also to the WMODA staff and volunteers who have worked incredibly hard and learned new skills during the relocation process. We look forward to welcoming you back to enjoy WMODA again soon at our new Hollywood location.

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