A Fairy Tale Comes True at WMODA

By Louise Irvine

Hundreds of visitors to the Gallery of Amazing Things have taken selfies with Lladró’s spectacular Niagara chandelier featuring a cascade of porcelain fairies illuminated by a waterfall of twinkling lights. The Lladró masterpiece has been at the center of weddings, mitzvah celebrations, and Holiday parties. Now the Lladró Porcelain Company in Spain has donated the fairy chandelier to the permanent collection of WMODA where it transforms the Fantastique gallery.

The Niagara chandelier was designed in 2006 by Bodo Sperlein, a German designer who studied art in London and continues to work there today. His successful design consultancy firm has been commissioned to produce designs for luxury market leaders in many media including Mulberry and Swarovski Crystal.

Bodo Sperlein introduced functionality to Lladró’s range of ornamental porcelain while retaining the decorative quality of their work and highlighting their intricate production skills. He explored the historic identity of Lladró porcelain and paid homage to their use of natural forms with his own interpretation of magical Surrealism for his range of tableware, jewelry, and home décor.

Lladró’s magnificent chandeliers were launched as part of their Re-Cyclos project, which was inspired by nature’s ability to recycle everything. Their traditional fairy tale figurines were reinterpreted by Bodo as elegant butterfly-winged fairies in pure white matte porcelain which are magically brought to life with subtle lighting from the latest in fiber optic technology.

One of the first WMODA visitors to see the Niagara chandelier in its new home was local Fort Lauderdale artist Dave Rosenthal of DeSiRe Media Pro. He was inspired to start taking photographs and composed some original music.  Dave specializes in combining stunning fine art photography with unique tones and music written specifically for each image into unified art pieces. Dave has been a “light and sound chaser” since he began playing piano at the age of six. He is fascinated by the impact our human visual and auditory senses have on our emotional experiences and our perception of art. We are delighted to have met Dave whose mission statement is “Bringing your World to Life…Through the Power and Emotion of Imagery and Sound”. Follow Dave on Instagram at @davero61.

Legendary Lladró
Dave Rosenthal