Who’s Who – Dave Rosenthal

By Louise Irvine

The Niagara chandelier, recently donated by Lladró, has transformed our Fantastique exhibit and inspired multidisciplinary artist, Dave Rosenthal, to compose original music to accompany his stunning video of the porcelain fairies dancing in a waterfall of lights.

Dave is a self-professed “Sound and Light Chaser”. As a boy, he was fascinated by how light and sound waves made him feel. First starting piano at the age of 6, he would finger strum the strings while pressing down the sustain pedal to feel the ensuing wall of vibrations. And later with his first camera, he experienced the magic of capturing light and shadow to film with his dad as his mentor.

Composing and playing music are ways Dave speaks from the heart; and photography, a way he experiences and captures “emotional wonders” our world has to offer…all by slowing down to see, hear…and feel them. In 2020, Dave debuted his vision of combining both these passions into interdisciplinary art pieces at the international Art Fort Lauderdale show on the water. His exhibition, entitled “2 Sense”, was a live sound and photographic exhibit that explored the impact of how our human visual and auditory senses contribute to our emotional experience and perception of art.

Dave’s goal is to help people to slow down and reconnect with their surroundings and feel wonder, peace, and inner quiet. He represents the image’s core essence with a single unique sound or tone to create a sonically built three-minute song. He wants to take his audience back to how it felt to be there, at that moment, when capturing the photograph. Dave's multi-disciplinary work includes a limited edition, signed fine art photograph and its unique music composition together as one unified piece. Call WMODA at 954.376.6690 for more details.

Dave is a talented fine art photographer with an infinity for nature, landscape, abstract and all forms of emotionally evocative subjects which further lead us to experience hidden wonders.

He particularly enjoys creating macro images which further leads us to experience hidden wonders. Dave has been captivated by many of the exhibits at WMODA and we look forward to a successful collaboration.

“Bringing your world to life… through the power and emotion of imagery and sound.”

-Dave Rosenthal