Talking Out Your Glass

By Louise Irvine

For over 30 years, Shawn Waggoner has been writing about the world’s greatest glass artists working with the furnace and the torch. She was editor of Glass Art magazine before devoting her attention to podcast programs in 2016. She has interviewed several artists represented in the WMODA collection including Toots Zynsky, Lino Tagliapietra and Paul Stankard. Now it is Rob Stern’s turn, so tune in to hear his story on September 1.

Rob Stern’s Windstars have dazzled WMODA visitors for many years and fashionistas raved about his stylish glass stiletto shoes in his last exhibition. Rob is well represented in the new Hot Glass Gallery in Hollywood with his stars, shells and leaves and some of Stern’s Stilettos will be in the WMODA Shop when we reopen.

Following his appearance on the Netflix TV show, Blown Away, Rob relocated his studio from Wynwood in Miami to Dania Beach and he is now only 10 minutes away from our museum. He has also acquired a new mobile demonstration unit and we are planning a glass blowing event with him at the new museum during the winter season.

Rob spends many months on the road teaching in Europe and the US, including Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state. He is creating an exciting new body of work at his artist residencies and is experimenting with cast glass and architectural designs as well as working on commissions for major installations and chandeliers. We can’t wait to see what’s next for WMODA!

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