Unity in the Community with Chelsea

By Louise Irvine

Chelsea Rousso’s collaborative glass project Unity in the Community · Transparency Through Glass will be unveiled at the Plunge Beach Resort on September 13. More than 100 fused glass symbols representing unity are being assembled by Chelsea into a wall of glass. The WMODA team is proud to have participated in this exciting project and look forward to promoting unity with Chelsea when the museum reopens in the fall.

Chelsea Rousso’s Believe the Impossible fashion shows with her wearable glass art were a huge success at WMODA in 2022. During the last year, Chelsea moved on from Wonderland and is working closer to home teaching fused glass art to new enthusiasts in Broward County. For her Unity in the Community project, participants were shown how to create fused glass symbols with their personal concepts of unity and Chelsea fired the individual pieces in her studio. The WMODA team had the opportunity to try glass making for this innovative project and some of their pieces will be included in the installation which will be part of the opening celebrations at WMODA in October. Classes at Chelsea’s own studio will resume in September and we look forward to a new program of creative glass workshops at the museum in the winter.

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