State of the Arts

“The State of the Arts is STRONG in Broward County” was the resounding message at the inaugural address by Phil Dunlap, Director of the Broward County Cultural Division. Local artists, arts administrators, politicians, and city leaders came together on October 26 to hear how valuable the arts are to the local economy in South Florida. The arts play a vital role in Broward County and the vibrant cultural scene inspires, educates, and uplifts the local community. Participants at the event were inspired, re-energized, and committed to an even brighter future – see what’s coming up soon in Broward County.

Art Share

Many of the artists featured at WMODA over the years will be participating in Art Share presented by Funding Arts Broward on November 2 at Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale. This year, FAB celebrates 20 years of giving to the visual and performing arts to benefit the Broward County community. Their annual fund-raising event includes a selling exhibition of 20 Broward artists and live music by pianist, Dave Rosenthal.

Dave is well known at WMODA for his innovative multi-disciplinary performances including Resonance, inspired by the sounds of glassmaking with Rob Stern.  Earlier this year, he encouraged the museum team with his rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ as we moved out of the old building. As you know, we didn’t stop believing and we look forward to welcoming Dave to our new Hollywood location very soon.

Glass artist, Chelsea Rousso, will also be exhibiting at Art Share and she was a star of the State of the Arts event as Broward Cultural Division commissioned a collection of her fused glass centerpieces for the occasion. Some of her new designs will be for sale soon in the WMODA Museum Shop.

Chelsea’s Unity in the Community · Transparency through Glass project was also featured in Phil Dunlap’s address as she is responsible for introducing hundreds of people to fused glass art with her collaborative venture. We are excited to unveil her wall hanging of unity symbols at WMODA during Lauderdale Art Week from January 20 to 28, 2024.

Save the Date

Lauderdale Art Week is one of the biggest draws in Broward County’s Cultural Calendar and over the years, WMODA has collaborated with many special exhibitions and events. Look out for news of the museum’s 2024 participation in our December newsletter.  Visit

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