Museum Week 2022


Museum Week from June 13 to 19 explored innovation and culture in society with 7 days and 7 hashtags. We highlighted our Believe the Impossible series of cutting-edge events at WMODA celebrating the International Year of Glass. Artists have been collaborating at the museum to shatter our illusions of glass with improvisational performances uniting glass art and sound design; wearable glass fashions in Wonderland; underwater art photos of dancers dressed in glass; Chihuly glass reimagined as magic carpets; and stiletto shoes made of glass. Strut into WMODA soon – you will be blown away!


Believe the Impossible


The audience participation programs at WMODA inspired museum guests to embrace their inner creativity. On Museum Discovery Day, Mirela Popovici engaged visitors of all ages in a community clay project to create a coral reef highlighting the Ocean Reef Alliance conservation program for Florida’s endangered reefs. #CreatorsMW showcases museums as the catalysts of more creative societies.


Discover · Inspire · Create


As we evoke Freedom during Museum Week, we reflect on how Josiah Wedgwood’s anti-slavery medallion galvanized support for the abolitionist cause in the late 18th century. Wedgwood campaigned vigorously to condemn the evils of the slave trade and he created the influential medallion for wide distribution at his own expense. According to Benjamin Franklin, the potter’s potent contribution greatly enhanced the cause of justice, humanity, and freedom.


Am I Not a Man and a Brother?


Let LOVE Guide Your Way is the mantra of public artist, Lloyd Goradesky, whose monumental kinetic sculpture has been accepted into the national database of the Public Art Archive. His heart-shaped weathervane was unveiled outside Dania Beach City Hall in time for Valentine’s Day and it has quickly become a landmark in our community. Lloyd’s symbolic project encourages all of us to choose love and kindness as our constant guides through these uncertain times.


Lloyd Goradesky – Let Love Guide Your Way


WMODA is active in the fight against global warming with exhibits and events highlighting the Earth’s non-renewable resources. The WMODA team regularly participates in the beach clean-up initiatives in our community to keep Dania Beach pristine for Earth Day and every day! For the last few years, WMODA has been promoting the work of the Ocean Rescue Alliance and 1000 Mermaids project to help save Florida’s coral reefs.


Who’s Who @ WMODA · in Dania Beach


Life Lessons are being explored on Day 6 of Museum Week and at WMODA, we are advocating the South African spirit of Ubuntu to guide us through the jungle of life. The Nguni term means humanity and the Xhosa people interpret Ubuntu as a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. The Ardmore Ceramic Art studio practices this philosophy of communal existence and interdependence. Their community of artists interprets Ubuntu as “We are because of others” and these powerful words are the subtitle of the book about their story.


Life Lessons – Ubuntu


On the final day of Museum Week, we are having fun with dance, a very popular theme at WMODA. Our current Soul of Dance exhibit celebrates the fragile, ethereal beauty of ballet while Carnival & Cabaret spotlights the louche nightclub performers of the Art Deco era. Local artist, Suzanne Barton, photographs dancers of all types underwater from ballerinas to mythical mermaids. Her latest project features Whitney Fair, aka Alice from our Wonderland fashion shows, as a Mermaid “Pet” being led by a roller-skating siren.


The Soul of Dance
Dancing Underwater – Suzanne Barton