Transparency through Glass

Chelsea Rousso’s Unity in the Community · Transparency through Glass project was unveiled at Plunge Beach Resort on September 13. Chelsea took more than a hundred glass symbols of unity made by individuals in her workshops during 2023 and created a brilliant work of art. Many of the participants attended the Plunge event and proudly showed off their contributions to friends and family. Some of their thoughts about unity were read at the opening ceremony and added another dimension to this inspirational community project.

Thoughts about Unity

Pamoja – Swahili for Together by Jane Anderson

"My inspiration was the different colors representing people from all walks of life! All tribes, religions, nations. United joining hands–in–unity! Yea!"

Free Flying by Marci Weiss

"Hope that everyone, which represents the rainbow of colors in the world, is free and united as one."

Homo Sapiens by Nancy Kavathas

"Homo sapiens originated in Africa. Melanin in the body protects us from the sun. Everyone was dark. A subset of Homo sapiens migrated north into some of the cooler climates where there was less unlight. There was a selection (survival advantage) for people who had less melanin in their body and could absorb more sunlight and make vitamin D."

Dove of Peace by Penny Fraser

"Dove with a leaf as a symbol of peace. To me unity is peace."

Mother Ocean by Susan Mawyer

"Unity to me is a harmonized connection between all-ocean, nature, life itself and beyond."

Pisces by George Hawthorn

"Swim together – stay together."

Divinely Intertwined by Michelle Kerr

"I chose the trinity symbol and filled it with colors to show that we are all different yet made of mind, body, and soul and together when united we are Divinely Intertwined."

Circle of Life by Maria Delucca

"My inspiration was a sun and evil eye. Unity, the creator of light and protection."

Let Love Guide Your Way by Lloyd Goradesky

"We must have love and kindness in order to create unity."

"The Unity in the Community Project will be coming to WMODA as part of the reopening celebrations."

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