Nautical Glass

By Paula Illarramendi

Florida artist Scherry Donato has had a brilliant idea for her fused glass art. She is creating personalized messages using the nautical alphabet! She began by creating pieces for her family, and seeing the positive feedback, she decided it would be fun to create wall hangings with universal messages, such as I love you. Scherry also welcomes commissions for customized nautical glass signs through the WMODA Museum Shop.

Nautical flags, or maritime flags, are used as a method of communication between vessels at sea. Each flag is vibrant so they can be spotted from long distances. They are used in various contexts adhering to the International Code of Signals (ICS). One of the first standardized systems of maritime signaling using flags was developed by the British Royal Navy in the 17th century. They took inspiration from the Anglo-Dutch naval wars of the 1700s and their alphabet consisted of 45 messages using 11 naval flags. Today, signal flags are often used to decorate ships during celebrations can be seen on the Cutty Sark clipper ship, one of the attractions managed by Royal Museums Greenwich in London.

Scherry Donato is well known to WMODA visitors as she has been selling her work in the museum shop for many years and regularly attends events. She has been an artist since 1978 and has worked in various media over the years, including stained glass, pottery and jewelry design. She now focuses on kiln-formed fused glass and creates practical and decorative works of art. Scherry’s glass sushi sets, candleholders and windchimes are perfect for gift-giving occasions.

Scherry’s take on nautical glass signs opens the door for personalized wall art based on the nautical alphabet. Contact WMODA for further details about commissioning a glass sign or purchasing one of Scherry’s wall hangings celebrating love.

Contact the WMODA Museum Shop for more details.