Fire and Water

Customers were all fired up by Candle Nerds' new Elements collection, which was featured in the April newsletter. Now, Nini and Luis Montanez have created a candle specially for our founder and benefactor, Arthur Wiener. Knowing how much he loves the Royal Doulton prototype sculptures of the Four Elements which he donated to WMODA, they experimented to replicate the elusive colors of the flambé glaze in wax for his private collection.

The Candle Nerds creative process for their Evolutions series revives a technique developed in the 1940s that involves mixing melted wax and water. It seems appropriate that their new Elements design capture the mood of the Royal Doulton Fire and Water sculptures on display in the Red exhibition at WMODA. We can’t wait for Arthur to see his gift on his next visit to the museum.

Contact the Museum Shop if you would like to purchase one of the new Candle Nerds Elements candles or commission a unique design in the colors of your choice to suit your mood.

Read more about the Candle Nerds collection at WMODA

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