Halloween Howl

By Louise Irvine

Guests who joined the WMODA team in Halloween costumes received free admission to the museum on Saturday, October 29. They were welcomed by Jesus Reyna portraying René Magritte’s famous surrealist painting The Son of Man.  He mingled in the galleries entertaining costumed characters including a werewolf and a litter of spooky kittens.

Jesus joined the WMODA team in February and has been a huge asset in reception and the gift shop. He has been introducing visitors to the exhibitions and helping with shop purchases.  As you might have guessed, Jesus is also an actor!

Kimberly Sheridan, our fun-loving Visitor Services Manager, is always ready for a party! She is passionate about cats and volunteers with animal rescue and adoption societies in her spare time. She headed up our litter of cool cats and terrorized the Tinworth mice in our Royal Doulton gallery.

Fellow feline, Alisa Melchanova joined WMODA as a high school student volunteer many years ago and is now a registered nurse. She has been a wonderful addition to the WMODA team and is continuing to help us as we pack up our massive collection in preparation for our move.

Jim Read and Claudia Bailey are regular volunteers at all our festivities. In her Ardmore inspired wildcat costume, Claudia passed out scavenger hunts and Halloween candy. Claudia is also an expert ceramics restorer and works diligently on the casualties in the collection.

George Hawthorn, our long-time voluntold, was a werewolf for the day and was howling at the moon on the Chickering grand piano as he serenaded Louise Irvine, who was a cross between Batwoman and Queen of the Night. Thank you to local artist Mirela Popovici for the beautiful red roses and Maritza Newman for the delicious Halloween cakes.

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