Art on Fire Event

The Chihuly chandelier was sparkling in the evening sun and the Ardmore Ceramic Art made a dazzling debut at the Art on Fire event in the Hamptons on August 5. One of Arthur Wiener’s latest acquisitions, a Chihuly glass tower, stole the show and became a popular photo and selfie spot during the evening.

Chihuly’s towers are similar in construction to the chandeliers and comprise hundreds of individual pieces of glass. Rather than hang from the ceiling, they rise from the ground like trees in bloom. Chihuly’s art is very well represented at the Wiener residence with Ikebana flower arrangements, a forest of Macchias and a fabulous Fiori which was the inspiration for this year’s invitation.

The new Zambezi sofa from Ardmore received many admiring comments as did the display of Ardmore ceramic art, which was new to Arthur’s glass house. Guests also appreciated nature’s art – fossil murals over 50 million years old which were discussed in detail by Doug Miller from Green River Stone.

Guests traveled from all over New York state and some even flew up from Florida for the occasion. Earlier in the day, Arthur Wiener was honored as the 2018 Collector of the Year by Rick Friedman at the Hamptons Jewelry & Objets d’Art show. Louise Irvine talked about Arthur’s amazing collecting achievements and moderated a discussion panel about collecting the fired arts with Ed Pascoe representing Ardmore, Nic Boston a specialist in 19th-century ceramic art, and goldsmith Eleni Prieston. Arthur talked about how his collection started and thanked everyone for attending and supporting his museum.

The celebration continued Sunday evening at Arthur’s spectacular waterfront residence and the party was in full swing to the music of John Hughes, which inspired some of the guests to dance on the deck as the sun went down. Thank you to the Wiener family for opening their beautiful Hamptons home for the WMODA fund-raising party. Thanks also to Stephanie Vakay from Regal Catering, Six Corners Wines and Liquors, and our local volunteers Liz Giordano, and Marjorie Oxman for ensuring the party was such a success. We are grateful to all the journalists who covered the event, and the WMODA staff and volunteers, notably George Hawthorn. If you missed this special event, make sure you visit the permanent Chihuly and Ardmore exhibits at WMODA.

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