Who’s Who – Anne Orvieto

Anne Orvieto is one of the stars at our WMODA boutique and a regular volunteer at our glass workshops. In addition to all her beautiful glass plaques, we recently sold her masterpiece which was on display in the Hot Glass gallery following our Touch of Glass exhibition.

Anne was first introduced to kiln-formed glass techniques four years ago and became obsessed with fused glass as an art form. Working with iridized, opaque, and transparent glass, frit and glass powders, Anne is often guilty of breaking the “6 mm rule” that glass prefers. She also likes to incorporate rolled or “soft edges” of glass into her pieces since the varied thickness and curves can create the perfect ocean wave or landscape. She is inspired by every sunrise and sunset, as the light creates a myriad of ever-changing colors, much like the iridized glass.

Anne credits her instructor and “Kiln-Whisperer”, Chelsea Rousso, with inspiring her to explore beyond the traditional boundaries of kiln-formed glass.

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