We’re all batty at WMODA!

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a teatray in the sky!

The Mad Hatter recited this parody of the famous nursery rhyme at the crazy tea party in Wonderland. Inspired by the rhyme, Louise Irvine dressed up as a bat for our Halloween event on October 30 and introduced the latest exhibition at WMODA celebrating Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. She also pointed out the connection with the dancing bat ladies in our new exhibition Fire & Soul · Dance from Ballet to Cabaret.

In contrast, Suzanne Barton celebrated the exhibition opening in a beautiful butterfly outfit that rivaled Goldscheider’s Art Deco porcelain figurines. Suzanne’s underwater fine art photographs have become a feature of all our WMODA exhibits from her dancers in Fire & Soul, mermaids in Fantastique, and Alice in Through the Looking Glass.

Cabaret dancers from the WMODA staff, including Kimberly Sheridan and Carolina Bermudez, mingled with lots of costumed characters who had responded to our FREE admission challenge. Many also received prizes of miniature ceramic ghosts and Jack O’Lanterns donated by Alex Meiklejohn, who demonstrated the art of making miniatures on the potter’s wheel.

We also opened our new Safari Dance exhibition and Linda Saft stole the show as a dancing elephant! Normally, Linda is appraising Arthur Wiener’s vast collection but she took time out to bring our new Ardmore pillows and tea towels to life in an amazing way. Sigi Constantine, one of the museum's great supporters, was inspired to choose a silk elephant pillow for her home! Dr. Unjeria Jackson, another great friend of WMODA, came in a striking African dress that looked gorgeous in the Ardmore gallery.

Joyce Davis, Dania’s City Commissioner, wowed us all in her leopard print high heels to die for! It didn’t take Joyce long to find her favorite glass shoe in the exhibition of Stern’s Stilettos. She was also very impressed with Suzanne’s underwater fine art and chatted to public artist Lloyd Goradesky about how to Let LOVE Guide Your Way to WMODA, the hidden gem of Dania Beach.

As you can see in the photo review of the event on Saturday, October 30, we’re all batty at WMODA! Thank you to our roving volunteer photographers George Hawthorn, Flipper, and Lloyd Goradesky. Thanks also to the staff, volunteers, and friends of WMODA for making the day so much fun.

Don’t miss our next sensational Safari Dance events on Friday, November 12 or Saturday, November 13 when you can meet the Ardmore experts – animal costumes are not required! Call or email us if you would like a complimentary invitation to view the Ardmore show, see all our new exhibits and do some Holiday shopping. 954.376.6690 or info@WMODA.com.


Safari Dance Selling Exhibition

Bats in the Fired Arts

Dancing Underwater - Suzanne Barton

Watch the Mad Hatter sing about the bat in the 1972 musical movie of Alice’s Adventures.