The Great Dragon

Wiener Museum Great Dragon Detail
Wiener Museum Great Dragon

The Great Dragon by Lladró is one of the showstoppers at WMODA. The museum piece is a unique colorway of the High Porcelain sculpture modeled by Francisco Polope in 2008. In Chinese culture, dragons are powerful and benevolent symbols unlike the aggressive fire-breathing dragons of Western mythology. They control water, rainfall, typhoons and floods and represent prosperity and good luck. Maybe it is an auspicious sign that WMODA came through Hurricane Irma without damage!

Wiener Museum Francisco Polope Lladro Great Dragon
Wiener Museum Lladro Bacchus on Panther

Francisco Polope has modeled many of the prestige Lladró sculptures that are so much admired at WMODA, including Winged Beauty, Arion on a Seahorse and Bacchante on a Panther.   The High Porcelain collection represents the zenith of Lladró’s technical achievements with complex modeling and intricate hand-painted enameling. The photograph of the Great Dragon is by Mike Brodie our much appreciated volunteer photographer.

Wiener Museum Lladro Arion on Seahorse
Wiener Museum Lladro Winged Beauty