SOFLO Health Show 2022

The Best of Health

Hunter Franqui, the host of Local 10’s SoFlo Health show, is a great fan of WMODA. He first visited to film the museum during the pandemic in October 2020 and he was so impressed that he returned with the Channel 10 camera crew this October. Without masks and social distancing, the experience was even more relaxed and Hunter interviewed Louise Irvine in the new exhibitions and you can watch the program on the show's website.

Lights, Camera, Action

Every Sunday afternoon at 12.30pm, Hunter Franqui talks to health, wellness, and lifestyle experts on WLPG Local 10. During each show, he takes viewers on a tour of some of the most interesting locations in South Florida. The popular TV show provided a healthy dose of culture to a new audience for WMODA and we were delighted to see viewers visiting our website.

The Fine Art of Health

The WMODA galleries provided a stunning setting for the show on October 11, 2020 which focused on The Fine Art of Health. Louise was interviewed by Hunter about Ardmore Ceramic Art and the Hot Glass collection including Dale Chihuly and Rob Stern. Hunter reminisced about his own challenging experience trying to blow glass at Hollywood Hot Glass.

Kimberly Sheridan reprised her former career in film wardrobe as she helped Hunter experiment with one of the spooky Balocoloc plague doctor masks in our Carnival & Cabaret exhibit. Gingerly holding an Art Deco teacup, Hunter also talked about the health-giving properties of tea in our Art of Tea exhibit.

View the entire show on the Local 10 website.

Decorate Your Health

On the show that aired on Sunday, October 9, 2022, Hunter took his viewers down the rabbit hole and into the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at WMODA.  Louise talked about the anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and introduced the bizarre characters of Wonderland including the Dodo and the Jabberwock. She reminisced about the Believe the Impossible fashion shows when Alice and friends wore wearable glass by Chelsea Rousso and introduced Hunter to her latest Glamorous Glass exhibit.

Hunter and Louise continued to explore the enchanted world of ceramic art in the Fantastique exhibition admiring the Lladró chandelier with hundreds of porcelain fairies. Then they experienced the joy of Ardmore Design playing with the pillows in the new Jabula exhibition. As in 2020, WMODA was flooded with enquiries during the show and there were lots of new subscribers to our monthly newsletter Through the Looking Glass.

View the entire 2020 show on the Local 10 website

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