National Volunteers Month

There are lots of funny “three men” jokes including how many it takes to change a lightbulb! However, at WMODA we are very grateful to the three men who have volunteered at the museum throughout our massive moving project. George Hawthorn, Julio “Flipper” Difilippo, and Alain Montour have been stalwart supporters taking on a variety of tasks as needed. A few months ago, they were packing boxes, now they are unpacking as we start setting up the new WMODA.

George Hawthorn

George is our longest serving volunteer having been with the museum since the beginning in 2014. He had little choice as he is the husband of our Executive Director, Louise Irvine! He is popularly known as “the Voluntold” and will tackle anything asked of him. Most recently, he has been making videos of our moving process.

Who’s Who – George Hawthorn

Julio “Flipper” Difilippo

Flipper joined WMODA as a volunteer when he retired in 2021 and he is enjoying traveling more and helping to keep everything in order at the museum with his encouraging maxims. “It’s easy to be hard but it’s hard to be smart.” “Work smarter, not harder.” Flipper is a great fan of American studio glass and recently donated his books about William Morris to the museum’s reference library.

Who’s Who at WMODA – Julio Difilippo

Alain Montour

Alain is the most recent recruit and he has developed a special interest in the museum’s library. He helped pack all the reference books prior to the move and is now unpacking and cataloging them in accordance with Library of Congress guidelines. The libraries will be a novel feature at the new WMODA with Neoclassical and Victorian décor and Alain is working hard to complete phase one before he goes back to Canada for the summer months.

Wedgwood Library at WMODA

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering at WMODA as we have many opportunities now and in the future when we reopen at our new Hollywood location. Contact for more information.