Mission of Light

By Louise Irvine

Guest artists, leaders and communities unite in a mission for change in partnership with The Ancient Spanish Monastery Foundation during Miami Art Week from November 30th to December 3rd. The prestigious contemporary art exhibition will take visitors on a journey of reflection on humankind, our present time, and the choices we need to make for the future of our planet.

Laurence Panadero, the founder of Mission of Light, is a contemporary French artist living in Miami. While she is best known for her sculptures, large-scale installations and performances, she also loves working as an educator, curator and advocate for change. At The Ancient Spanish Monastery, the oldest European building in North America, Laurence will take us on a spiritual immersive journey with an exhibition of 30 large-scale sculptures of monks. Her Guardians of Earth will take over the cloister and deliver messages to the world.

Filled with memories of childhood retreats and the power of spiritual places, Laurence studied the practices of monks through history around the world. This exhibition is a return to humanity, our true essential self, and the answers found in simplicity, humbleness and modesty to stay connected with all livings and be unified as ONE.

Laurence created her monumental monk sculptures from innovative ecological composites never used in contemporary fine art before. She studied art in Paris and Rome, specializing originally in sculpture, producing prototypes for companies such as Dior, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Marvel Comics.

Laurence is well known to WMODA visitors as she has taught ceramic classes in the museum and demonstrated her sculpting skills at our Earth, Air, Fire, and Water exhibition. Over the years, she brought young art students from her studio on drawing expeditions around the galleries. Laurence also established VIM, a non-profit organization to produce and promote artistic creations for spectacles, events and exhibitions, and has represented more than 100 artists from the emerging to the renowned.

Public artist, Lloyd Goradesky, will be advocating Let LOVE Guide Your Way during the Mission of Light.
On Saturday, December 3rd, the closing night of the show, Mission of Light will host a mass meditation for world peace guided by the venerable Lama Karma Chötso at The Ancient Spanish Monastery. Guest spiritual leaders from Miami and from all religions will be present to bless and support the movement and the cause for UNITY AND WORLD PEACE.

For more details and tickets visit Mission of Light