Heart for the Homeless

Friends of WMODA will be aware of the amazing work being done by Luis Montanez, our Logistics Manager, to help the homeless in South Florida. His new initiative is to provide 10,000 meals during the month of February in association with the Caring Place at Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Centers. Here’s how you can help.

HOPE begins with a meal… you can’t talk about changing a person’s life when they are hungry, tired and hurting. Your gift will bring more than just a meal, it will bring HOPE.

The cost of 1 meal is $2.10. How many meals would you like to provide today?

Call WMODA 954-376-6690 and ask for Luis or email info@wmoda.com

You can also donate directly to caringplace.org. Mention that you heard about Heart for the Homeless through Luis and Nini Montanez and their companies Matchless Glass and Candlenerds.