Earth Day – Every Day

By Louise Irvine

We celebrated Earth Day at WMODA with an amazing team of eco-warriors on Saturday, April 23. Miami glass artist, Jenna Efrein, upcycles glass bottles to create art installations which advocate for the protection of the Florida Everglades and draw attention to ecological and environmental concerns. Her glass art is on display at WMODA until June 18 in her exhibition The Outside is In. Jenna also makes plant care accessories, using recycled glass bottles, including planters and water feeders, which are for sale at the WMODA shop. Topo Chico supports Jenna in her mission by providing empty seltzer bottles to recycle and refreshments at her exhibitions.

Dave Rosenthal is passionate about protecting Mother Earth and he spends hours wading through the Everglades sawgrass, Cypress Forest, and tangled mangrove swamps with his camera to convey the rare beauty of this unique environment. Using his talents as a multidisciplinary artist, Dave creates fine art photographs which are often accompanied by his original music compositions so that viewers can experience what it was like to be there. For the WMODA event, he remixed sounds of the Everglades put together by Charles Levine to present with some of his iconic images.

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in our Planet” and the WMODA team participated in a local community initiative to clean up Dania Beach. City commissioner, Joyce Davis advocates to “Make Dania Beach Pristine for Earth Day and Every Day!

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