The Outside is In

The Outside is In
Upcycled Glass Art & Design by Jenna Efrein

Exhibit April 23 – June 18

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is Invest in our Planet. A green future is a prosperous future and it needs everyone to create a partnership for the planet and restore nature.  Since moving to Florida from New York, artist Jenna Efrein is particularly concerned about the fate of the Everglades ecosystem and advocates for its protection with her glass art installations.

Using hundreds of upcycled glass bottles, Jenna Efrein creates art that draws attention to issues of sustainability and environmental pollution.  She is elevating the value of nature in our daily lives and reflecting on the deteriorating ecosystem and loss of the local flora and fauna. Jenna’s exhibition The Outside Is In opened at WMODA on Saturday, April 23 to mark Earth Day 2022.

Recently, Jenna has been recycling Topo Chico’s glass bottles and the company has been supporting her exhibitions with their sparkling mineral waters.


Now or Neverglades!

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 #InvestInOurPlanet