Earth • Air • Fire • Water

Celebrate the beauty of nature in the Fired Arts at the latest exhibition at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts. The new show, which opened on April 17, highlights the four classical elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER that ancient philosophers believed were the fundamental building blocks of nature. Visit WMODA to see how today’s artists are breathing life into glass by using the earth’s natural resources. Hear how the 1000 Mermaids Project is helping to restore Florida’s coral reefs with the City of Dania Beach, which is home to WMODA.

Dive into WMODA to SEA IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT. You will be blown away by the museum’s spectacular glass art collection in the heart of Dania Beach.

EARTH in the form of sand, together with FIRE and AIR, have been harnessed in furnaces to create glass art for thousands of years. Dale Chihuly, the pioneer of American studio glass, blew his first bubble of glass in 1965 and his love of nature has inspired his work ever since. Experience his Macchia garden in full bloom, his giant Ikebana flower arrangements, and his sensational Seaforms, which conjure up associations with WATER.

A new generation of Florida glass artists finds inspiration in the four elements as can be seen at WMODA. Rob Stern conveys the power of the wind in his iconic Windstars, symbolizes the earth with his leaves of glass, and represents water with his giant Conch shells and corals. Josh Fradis makes Coral Caverns and surging Waves with crests of seafoam representing the ebb and flow of the tides. Chelsea Rousso creates wearable glass fashions inspired by the wonders of the deep.

The WMODA exhibition continues through September 30.


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