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Chihuly & Chocolate

The Art on Fire exhibit continues to be a huge attraction at WMODA. Some of Chihuly’s collaborators and students in this show go back to his early days at Pilchuck Glass School, which he cofounded in 1971. Now a Seattle chocolate company, Jcoco has created a gift set in homage to Chihuly and is donating 10% of sales to Pilchuck.

Pilchuck Glass School

Throughout his career, Chihuly has nurtured the craftsmanship of artists across the globe. Pilchuck School in the Pacific Northwest has welcomed artists, instructors, staff and students from over 70 countries for immersive and career-transforming courses. Toots Zynsky was one of the pioneering students in 1971 and Lino Tagliapietra began teaching at Pilchuck in 1979. He celebrates his 40th anniversary there this June. Our current featured artist, Rob Stern, has been a student, gaffer and now teacher at Pilchuck since 1989.

Fine Chocolate for Fine Arts

Jcoco has combined their culinary inspired artisan chocolate bars with Chihuly’s bold aesthetic to create a beautiful gift box to benefit Pilchuck. For the last six years, Jcoco’s founder Jean Thompson has partnered with nonprofit organizations across the US to help alleviate hunger in needy communities. Now she is expanding her philanthropy with the worthy cause of arts education.

Jcoco & Chihuly

Jcoco uses superior cacao to create delicious and unexpected chocolate recipes and packaging them with dramatic designs. Featured flavors in the collaborative Chihuly chocolate gift set include Boharat Middle Eastern Spice, Crisp Quinoa Sesame, Bali Sea Salt Toffee. Jcoco chocolate is Non-GMO, Gluten free and Kosher. The new Chihuly Chocolate gift sets will be sold at WMODA on International Museum Day, Saturday, May 18.