Believe the Impossible Event

Saturday, January 22 • 10am to 4pm

Believe the impossible as we explore “Through the Looking Glass” at WMODA to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Glass and Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week. Our new season of cutting-edge exhibitions and events is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s surreal story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where she experiences a topsy turvy world not unlike ours today!

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast...” said the White Queen as she challenges Alice’s imagination. See how glass artists collaborate at WMODA to create the impossible and shatter our illusions of glass. It’s hard to believe that fire and sand can be transformed into glass and that blowing bubbles of glass can create amazing art.

Follow us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass on Saturday, January 22, 2022. You will be blown away by live performances in the spectacular setting of Chihuly’s “garden” of glass. See The Rug Company’s new limited-edition collection created in collaboration with the Chihuly Studio.

Resonance @ WMODA

January 22 • 11am and 2pm

Multi-disciplinary artist Dave Rosenthal and glass artist Rob Stern are collaborating to explore sound and glassmaking in their live performances of Resonance @ WMODA. They will unite glass and sound design in their improvisational dialogue with unusual glass instruments made and played by Rob and keyboard responses composed by Dave to create a musical score of synthesized sounds. Rob and Dave’s innovative performances of Resonance @ WMODA symbolize the cycle of life and creation in the glassmaking process. This immersive sensory experience will create a visceral response and expand perceptions of glass, the power of sound and their intersection. Resonance @ WMODA will be performed live on January 22 at 11am and 2pm. Limited pre-reserved seats* for the Resonance performances should be booked through Eventbrite.

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Wearable Glass in Wonderland

January 22 • 12:00 noon

At the stroke of noon, glass art at WMODA will come to life as the iconic characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland show off their zany costumes in a fashion show featuring wearable glass art designed by Chelsea Rousso. Alice will follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole where she will encounter some of the bizarre residents of Wonderland including the formidable Queen of Hearts, the Duchess, and the grinning Cheshire Cat. It gets “curiouser and curiouser” as Chelsea is also working with fine art photographer Suzanne Barton to reimagine Alice’s impossible dreamscape underwater. Highlights of their unbelievable collaboration will be exhibited as part of this event. The pre-reserved seats have sold out but there will be plenty of standing room to enjoy the fashion show. After the Alice in Wonderland characters have made their debut on the runway, they will be on location in the museum galleries for photo opportunities until 2:00 pm.