Alyssa’s Shells

Tide pools at the Florida seashore inspire ceramic artist Alyssa Ligmont to make functional stoneware embellished with shells and starfish. As part of our program on April 4, Alyssa will demonstrate her pottery processes combining wheel-throwing and slab building. She carves, stamps and models her stoneware forms before applying multiple high-fired glazes to achieve rich surface decoration with an organic feel.

Alyssa loves the versatility of working with clay, which is infinitely reusable until it is fired under great heat and becomes permanent, lasting for thousands of years. She enjoys knowing that her functional art can be treasured and enjoyed through everyday use. Her hand-made collection of chip and dip trays, brie bakers and omelet makers chip are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Occasionally Alyssa raku fires her stoneware forms and has lots of fun with her zany rabbit sculptures. Her punk rabbits with their spiky mohawk hairstyles and sassy slogans are worlds apart from the fluffy Easter bunny.