Seize the Clay!

Interest in handmade pottery is trending now and a Canadian TV version of The Great Pottery Throwdown premiered last month on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation channel. The series is inspired by the successful British TV reality show, which ran for seven seasons from Stoke-on-Trent, England. In Granville Island, Vancouver, ten gifted Canadian potters seize the clay and go head-to-head to win the coveted title of top potter. As the kilns blaze, raw clay becomes a testament to human creativity as personal stories unfold with threads of humor and discovery.

The Great Pottery Throw Down is owned by Love Productions, who also devised and produced the global hit The Great British Baking Show. Unique challenges push the limits of the potters’ imagination and skill as they vie with each other in each episode to stay in the show. One of the guest judges and executive producers is Seth Rogen, a talented potter as well as an actor, producer, director and co-founder of Houseplant where he sells a curated collection of pottery. Jennifer Robertson, celebrated for her role in the comedy series Schitt’s Creek, hosts the series.

The Great Canadian Pottery Throwdown is aired exclusively on CBC and CBC Gem. You can view the show with a VPN from other parts of the world. See the trailers and Seth Rogen at work.

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The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down - Trailer

The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down with Jennifer Robertson and Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has a passion for pottery, here he makes the perfect ashtray