Holiday Magic – Sensational Saturday

Our Holiday celebration on Saturday, December 14 was a huge success. Over 200 guests attended the day’s program which included museum tours, new exhibits, fun art activities and seasonal gift shopping.

Betsy Alexis showed us how to make stylish bracelets from recycled bicycle tire tubes and the Glass Girls, Anne Orvieto, Lisa Davis and Scherry Donato, brought a treasure trove of fused glass cabochons for making necklaces and tree ornaments. Lloyd Goradesky talked about his kindness project Let Love Guide your Way, inspired by his monumental weathervane.

We were delighted to welcome the Pearl Girlz to their first WMODA event. This girl’s empowerment organization in Dania Beach provides pro-social and self-esteem workshops for ages 10 to18 and helps creates phenomenal, confident and intelligent young women, the future leaders of our community.

The Pearl Girlz were perfect young ladies during Kimberly’s packed docent tour of the museum and then enjoyed lemonade and cake as we celebrated the birthdays of three of our invaluable volunteers – Jan Fienglass, Lisa Davis and Claudia Bailey. Louise Irvine thanked all the WMODA staff, volunteers and artists who make these weekend events possible and help create unique cultural experiences in our community.