Fire & Soul-October 30

Fire & Soul @ WMODA
Saturday, October 30
10am to 4pm

Join us on Saturday, October 30 to celebrate Halloween and experience the joy of dance as portrayed by European and African ceramic artists. The opening event for our three new exhibitions is guaranteed to keep you on your toes!

Fire & Soul

Fire & Soul explores the art of dance from ballet to cabaret. See how Anna Pavlova’s dying white swan of classical ballet was reborn as an exuberant firebird aflame with passion. Dynamic, expressionist dancers dominated the cabarets of Paris and Berlin and stepped onto the dance floors of the roaring twenties. Meet Suzanne Barton who captures the magical beauty and movement of dancers underwater. She spends hours taking photographs of aquatic performances and embellishes them with acrylics and inks to create her Mythical Maidens series of Underwater Fine Art. Suzanne will be accompanied by one of her underwater dancers between 12pm and 4pm.

Safari Dance

You can also dance with elephants in a fantasy exhibition of Ardmore Ceramic Art and Design from South Africa! Finding the joy in life by facing up to the proverbial elephant in the room is an inspirational journey in mindfulness during difficult times. In Safari Dance, the Ardmore artists have found joy in the gentle giants of the animal kingdom by portraying them humorously in ceramic art and fabric designs. You can acquire choice examples of Ardmore during the exhibition and all sales benefit WMODA programs.

Stern’s Stilettos

Strut in also to see Stern’s Stilettos, a fabulous exhibition of glass shoes by Miami artist, Rob Stern. The show was inspired by his wife’s obsession and collection of shoes, including Manola Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen.  This one-of-a-kind installation featuring 50 different glass shoes attempts to capture and reflect some of the many moods and moments in a woman’s life. Kick-off your Halloween celebrations at this dazzling show.

Trick or Treat

Watch Alex Meiklejohn create miniature ceramic ghouls, ghosts, and Jack o’Lanterns on the potter’s wheel.  You will be amazed by his dexterity throwing tiny pottery to decorate shadow boxes and dollhouses. Have fun with our Tiny Treasures Trail and other scavenger hunts around the museum. Join in the spirt of Halloween and dress up in your favorite costume to Trick or Treat at WMODA. You could win a prize!

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